DVDs other than private

DVDs other than private

You wish to purchase the DVD and broadcast rights?

The Tree of Childhood Association warmly thanks you for your contribution to a better attention to childhood.

You will find all details below.

If you practice a profession for which the film will be used in workshops, courses or training classes.

You represent an association, school, public library, community, a public institution and you wish to use the DVD for restricted audiences or the provision of the DVD in your work setting, for voluntary purposes whether free or paid?

Please contact us to receive an order-form.

What to do after buying the DVD for public distribution?

It is imperative to contact Anne Barth specifying the planned date of the projection, the context in which it is registered, the expected audience, the place of diffusion.

A contract concerning the planned projection will be signed between the two parties. If you anticipate further projections, you will have to sign another contract.

All paying entries in cinemas or other places with this film is strictly prohibited without the prior permission of The Tree of Childhood Association.


The projections you anticipate should not “directly or indirectly favor the marketing of products or the provision of services.”

They must not disturb the normal operation of the distribution and exploitation of the film when they are organized in (or near) cinemas.

It may happen that your planned projection takes place a week before a film gathering planned for that cinema in the same city. That is why you must contact us before setting a definitive date.


What the law says

French legislation concerning the representation of audio- visual works falls within the Intellectual Property Code ( Law No92-697 of July 1st 1992 ) It involves three main principles:

Any representation outside the family circle is considered public.

Any public performance must be the subject of the Rights Assignment agreement.

Any public performance must guarantee the inalienability of the work.

1- Any representation outside the family circle is considered public.

When Anne Barth,the author and distributor of The Tree of Childhood maintains control of her ” destination,” that Is to say, the mode of diffusion (in public and/ or in private, by sale and/ or rental)

The DVD for private use cannot be broadcast outside the family.

” The concept of the family circle must be understood in a restrictive way, concerning only the parent persons united by the habitual family ties. The projection must take place under the family roof. ( Correctional Chamber of Paris:24th and 28th of February 1984 )

2- Any representation entails the transfer of rights

Broadcasting rights cover:

Rights of authors and any attached representatives.

Destination rights which vary according to use and are attached to the DVD format, knowing that Anne Barth decides on the destination: sale for the family unit, cinematographic exploitation ( cinemas) rental to individuals ( media, libraries, video-club), non- commercial public representation ( associations, educational institutions, libraries, professionals, public institutions.)

For example, in application for the right of destination, Anne Barth may be required not to authorize the non- commercial public performance of the film.

3- Inalienability of the film L.121-1 of the CPI

Anne Barth, as distributor has an obligation to ensure that the film broadcast is consistent with the original film.

Art L. 121-1. The author enjoys the right to respect for her name, her quality and her film. The right is attached to her person. It is perpetual, inalienable and imprescriptible.