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The film was produced with the help of donations and the director’s resources, without any subsides or public support.

The Tree of Chilhood greets and warmly thanks all the people whose name appears on the credits and who have contributed since 2010 to realization of this project. Thank you also to those whos responded to the DVD appeal for suscription to make it easier to edit.

Current revenues are used to repay debts incurred for the production and distribution of the film. The film shown in movie- theaters and the DVD film are able to reach you thanks to all these precious aids.


The heart- to – heart sharing of intimate confessions and scientific discoveries.

A vibrant appeal to care for the first years of a child’s life.

Anne Barth filmed Juliette for seven years, from eleven to seventeen years old. This moment when the child turns to the world, questions what she sees and becomes transformed.

Beatrice, mother of a young girl, Daniel, father of five children, testify to all that from childhood continues to live in their adult life, and by what transformations they need to pass in order to live more in harmony.

What are the impacts of childhood education on the role of adult, parent, teacher and educator?

How do we give children the opportunity to become happy adults?

The Tree of Childhood brings together Juliette’s own vision of her own childhood and of the world, the awakening of Beatrice and Daniel and the discoveries of the neuro- sciences.

This film is a vibrant appeal to care for the first years of a child’s life.

To be in relationship with oneself, with others and with Nature, in a just and caring way.

A film with true public significance!

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Orientated towards parenting, caring for oneself, others and Nature, the film is about parents’ associations, organizations and groups who work on parenting, conscious caring and non-violent communication, people involved in personal development, mindfulness, personal, relational and environmental ecology and anyone who has been a child!…

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